Published On: Fri, Sep 13th, 2013

A Fine Twilight – Justine Mclatchie

A Fine Twilight - Justine Mclatchie

Across the bank I can see the Kingdom’s outline,

a fading shadow in the veil of pastel blue, its graceful light reflects on the calm waters, shadows of the forest streaming where the waters sway, with the leaves caught in the northern winds.

Night is calling but all is peaceful now in this sweet twilight.

Bullet in my heart , my heart in winter, the sharp defined leaves they are knives with perfect aim.

A warning, night is falling.

Slowly the cold will creep from within the dark forest, it will intrude upon the sweetness of the sun’s kiss. I must leave, this perfect hour, or pray I meet the angels of peace against the mercy of the night. Goodbye sweet day, I will wake for you tomorrow.