Published On: Fri, Nov 29th, 2013

A Rant About Online Roleplaying Games – S. Sinclair Thomson

A Rant About Online Roleplaying Games - S. Sinclair Thomson

So here I am, sitting here on this night, drunk, flying in my imagination, pissed as a fart, drifting on the net, searching for anything remotely resembling actual experience. World of Warcraft exhausted all my creative energies for such a long time, yet I wander back into the world of Azeroth, hoping, seeking, searching for something real and pure and exciting. It is pointless and hopeless. I find more and more that even those in a fantasy realm act as selfishly and corrupt in the same style as any political or social body of today’s age, serving only those that benefit or enhance their own self interest. Good will among men be gone, this is the new millenium brother, only self-interest prevails. Forget about honour or decency, even in computer games, its survival of the fittest my man and nobody will watch out for the innocent.

I know this because I have lived many roles, enacted many characterisations, and I have come to realise that on the internet, in the absence of face to face contact, it is far easier for people to be vicious and uncaring towards one another. And while we dive headlong into the cyber-age, we face the prospect that empathy itself may die. Now, I have committed my fair share of criminal acts, and I have seen criminal acts being committed. I have stolen from my neighbour, beaten up my adversary, threatened my would-be tale teller. I am no saint but in this new era, it seems more and more that the face and personal experience of the victim will be lost to the protagonist. This eliminates any moral sense of guilt or decency towards your fellow and ties everything down to what you type on your keyboard or click upon with your mouse. Shit, brother, sister, we are not simply pixels on a screen, don’t forget that. At least, that’s what I wish I could say but the fuckers killed my character, hence this rant.