Published On: Tue, Feb 5th, 2013

Celtic Connected




By Alana Calvert


On the 12th day of Celtic Connections Hard Copy caught up with one musician lucky enough to play the festival.

Niteworks’ lead singer and keyboardist, Innes Strachan, 24, performed at the Arches that weekend. By Monday he had recovered enough to share the experience.

“There was a great atmosphere! Celtic Connections gigs are always pretty well attended.

“The festival brings a lot of people to Glasgow year on year and that really is good for the city during what is elsewhere a very quiet time of the year.”

Niteworks’ gig was proof of this popularity, with the turn-out filling the Arches to almost full capacity.

With their melding of bagpipes, Gaelic song and techno beats, it’s no wonder that the band won the hearts of festival goers.

“Celtic Connections is the perfect platform for us to play our music; the crowd is normally quite well suited to the music we like to play out, especially the beat bothy crowd.”

As well as Strachan, the band includes Allan MacDonald on bagpipes and keyboards, Christopher Nicolson on Bass, and Ruairidh Graham on drums.

But during the weekend’s gig, only Strachan and MacDonald took the stage, as they do for DJ sets.

Yet the stripped back group gave it their all, feeling privileged to join the festival.

“From a musician’s point of view it’s great to have Celtic Connections, as it gives us the opportunity to gig at a time of year when there are very few festivals on.

“I think most musicians appreciate the purpose it serves to the Scottish music scene”.

Taking time out from performing, Strachan also said he appreciated Connections as a music buff.

“I went to see Cara Dillon play with the Scottish Symphony Orchestra, in the city halls, and that was a really great show.

“Dillon has an amazing voice; the combination of that and the orchestra was very impressive. A constant spine-tingler!

“That night though, I had a bit of a dilemma over who I wanted to see.  Lau and Beth Orton were playing as well, and I would have loved to have seen them too.”

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