Published On: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2012

Cult Fashion: Welcome to the new way of thinking

 From school to work, for our entire lives, we wear uniforms. Even in free time there are occasions we use a certain dress code – be it black tie events, a nightclub dress code or sports wear at the gym. But why? Why must we wear these uniforms? At work and school, they are used to identify you as part of that organization. But there’s more to it than that…

 I can always remember at school being told that uniforms were there to help bring a sense of unity within the school and also to help stop bullying and discrimination. Nobody had any reason to tease you about how you look, since you all look the same. Of course, we all know this is not true – even though the tie or polo shirt may be compulsory, there were no regulations on what the rest of your uniform looked like. So the rich kids still wore expensive designer clothes and the not so well off wore run of the mill high street brands. But it didn’t stop there. This so called ‘sense of unity’ was completely blown out the water as the different cliques all developed their own styles.

This was where I first realised cult fashion exists.

There were the ‘cool kids’ who all wore designer labels and who had this coloured shirt thing going on – one week it would be purple, then yellow, then blue. You couldn’t keep up. I swear they must have all sat down at the end of the week and gone “so what colour next week then?”. There were the emo kids with their thigh high socks and black eyeliner. The ‘neds’ with their trackies and trainers. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture.
Anyway, my point from this is that the uniforms did bring unity, but not in the way the teachers hoped for. It brought it in a way of uniting the cliques. It was the non uniform parts that united them, the areas left open to interpretation. They used fashion to define themselves and thus separate themselves from other groups.

This is what CULT FASHION is about. It’s about defining yourself. Finding that group that you fit into, the ideals that you like the best, and following their trends. It’s not so much about the everyday items, like jeans or vest tops. It’s abut those individual items that make you stand out – those items that others notice and say “Oh she has those Jeffery Campbell boots on, she must be pretty cool”, or “he wears Jack Wills, probably a bit of a posh boy”.

So i guess the question you have to ask yourself is: do you want to be defined by what you wear?

With so many brands out there now, it is easy to fall into the trap of letting them dress you. Yes, you may want to have that hipster cool edge and wear the clothes that everyone else wants, but it is the difference of completely falling head first into the cult, and allowing the brands to dress you, or wearing that item of clothing but in your own unique way.
You see, these days brands pair themselves along with other brands that want to send of the same sort of image, the same ideals – forming a clique within mainstream society.
Tale, for example, Jeffrey Campbell and Blackmilk. Both are great brands with fantastic style and that ‘cooler than cool’ factor, but the clever thing they do is ‘team up’ using social networks. You’ll find pictures on Instagram and Twitter showing Jeffery Campbell boots being worn with Blackmilk leggings. They feed off each others cult followings to create this fully branded cult look – everyone who is into that style and wants to be part of that social clique wants in on the action.

once upon a time boutique

So there it is, from the playground to the real world – cult fashion exists, and it all revolves around defining yourself as part of a social group. Here are some of the trends that we’ve seen emerging this summer…

Printed Tees

A wardrobe staple everyone should own…. a good T-shirt goes with almost anything,

Girls- dress it up with a pretty skirt or keep it causal with som denim and trainers.

Boys-  use your printed Tees to make a statment… a really good printed T-shirt can be a great conversation starter.


In my opinion it about as cool as a T-Shirts gets. Made by an amazing glasgow desinger Andrew Grech for his label ANIMINIMAL.

Another ridiculously cool tee from the ANIMINIMAL.NET collection these may be showen on girls but dont panic boys there are ones for you on the animinimal

From the spanish label, breakthelabels, this cool tshirt would give your outfit that quirky cool twist it just might need to take it to cult following level.

another one from thoses spanish superstars break the labels. i love this… may just buy it and do a bit of arm chopping off to make it a bit more girly!




A great look to keep that summer vibe going just a bit longer. If it seems to girly for you wear, use tiedye with a leather jacket and blackboots to toughen it up a bit.

once upon a time boutique

rainbow backstudded shorts and tie dye croptop from the lovely glasgow sisters at once upon a time vintage boutique. These would make a welome addition to any wardrobe to add a bit of fun and brightness.
















why should the girls have all the tiedye fun, again from those lovely glasgow sisters at once upon a time this time for the boys. making any pair of jeans look cool since the day you put it in your wardrobe
















if only all dresses were this individual, although this is actually hand painted it has that tiedye look to it and i personaly love it.
made by Kat Tidey of MAD clothing



















dont leave your feet out in the cold, these socks from MAD clothing will keep them warm and brighten them up too socks made by Kat Tidey of Make A Difference clothing












Block Heels

Great with denim hot pants or equally cool with a pair of disco pants, wear them with leathers and studs for that tough, grungy look, or wear with frilly socks and floaty dresses to make it girly and sweet.

Block heel – check
Studding – check
Ability to make any outfit look instantly cooler – check
from Konstantine botique on maketplace

love the boot love the colour love the fact its been dip dyed…. go and buy them!!! you know they will make your feet happy.
from Konstantine botique on asos maketplace











much prettier and more girly than the other block heels, whilest still keeping that edgy-ness about them that is making this block heel trend stick.
from Konstantine botique on asos maketplace













Words by Lee-Ann McCall