Published On: Fri, Oct 18th, 2013

Doldrums – Stephen Watt

Doldrums - Stephen Watt

These microscopic, claustrophobic hours
paint thixotropic flowers upon my bruised eyelids.
Tuxedo shadows twirl and waltz,
keeping step with an unseen piano which plays schmaltzy songs,

pencilled for lovers’ footsteps.

My classic malts collection makes an entrance.
The lighter‘s wheel spins on my thumb,
debits oxygen from my lungs and burns
                like a conscience
                deliberating where something went wrong.

Love, leave my lips, soul, hand.
Turn my world into a black armband
where seas are oil, thick tar tides,
                and hourglass quicksand
is metallic mineral; magnetite.

City sirens shatter the minute’s silence.
Weakness and grievance are resolved
in Whiskey and solvents -
set alight like experiments
                to solve all the heart’s problems.

Then, they lift me from the doldrums and into the ambulance.