Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2013

Fashism : GEEK



There are so many reasons these tops are wrong. The worst thing about them isn’t even that they’re glorified sleepwear, yet have been spotted on multiple occasions paired with 6 inch heels, hot-pants and fake tan in the club in which I work.

No, the worst thing about these tops is the deceit, the deceit and the sadly self -aware irony. Initially they seem like they might be a nod to both the ‘80s and ‘90s, last year’s atavistic trend and this year’s atavistic trend. They look like a nod to best part of the ‘80s and ‘90s in fact; high-school comedies.

But wait a minute, isn’t it perplexing that what has been honed in on from the likes of The Breakfast Club, Never Been Kissed, and Freaks and Geeks is the jocks? I mean, aren’t the jocks the bad guys…

…and that’s when it hits you, these printed tees and vest tops aren’t inspired by the film and TV that shaped those of use born before 1995, these printed tees and vest tops are inspired by Glee. Yes, Glee.

The unholy trinity, in fact, of Glee, geek chic, and sports luxe. The three have come together in the form of ironic declaration. ‘GEEK’, says the shirt, or, ‘NERD’. If you’ve splashed out and got your vest from Topshop instead of Primark it might even say ‘DORK’. What they’re actually saying, though, is ‘isn’t it funny that my top says I’m smart? Because actually I’m suuuuper dumb. And Isn’t that great?’ Because, as the jocks have taught us time and time again, being clever really isn’t cool at all.