Published On: Fri, Jul 19th, 2013

Glaswegians On Gay Marriage

Westminster has officially voted in favour of allowing gay marriage – something which Holyrood has yet to do. They have, however, announced that they will be holding a consultation on the issue with the Scottish public. Not to be outdone, we decided to beat them to it. Here’s a selection of the opinions we found…




So Andrew, with that camera you’re clearly a homosexual, what’s your chat on the gay marriage debate?

(Laughs) I don’t really understand the debate – if people want to get married then it’s their choice, it doesn’t bother me. People don’t choose to be gay. It’s all a bit stone agey, it’s 2013, we’re all equal, it boggles my mind.

The anti-gay-marriage groups are saying that it’ll lead to polygamy.

That’s totally cool, people should be able to get married to whoever they want.

What’s the right number of wives?

Personally, I wouldn’t do it, but if someone wants to marry 100 people I’ve got no problem with that.




I’m from Sweden and we’ve had gay marriage for quite a while. I didn’t even know it wasn’t legal here, I just assumed it was allowed everywhere. It’s lovely that we’re progressing though.

Has there been any drastic social change in Sweden since they brought in gay marriage?

Yeah, we had an apocalypse, many people have died…no, I’m kidding. Gay people have gotten married, that’s what’s happened.

Do you think that the legalisation of gay marriage in Sweden has been a catalyst for the success of IKEA?

Definitely. Where’s the Scottish IKEA?




People should be able to get married to who they want. I think the Catholic Church has a lot of influence up here, especially in Glasgow. I don’t think the vast majority of people give a toss, but with a lot of issues in Scotland, everything gets polarised into opposing camps.

I think Alex Salmond has one thing on his mind at the moment. I don’t know if he wants to do anything to rock the boat prior to that.

So you think the pursuit of independence is debilitating Scottish policy making at the moment?

Well, there’s priority – lots of people see it as something they’d like to happen, but not at the moment, because of the acrimony.

As an Englishman, what’s your opinion on Scottish independence?

I wouldn’t support it myself because the two countries are very much tied together. I’m English, I’ve lived and worked here for thirty years – and paid tax here for thirty years. My wife is Glaswegian, so I have family on both sides of the border.




So Nathan, what is your sexual orientation?

I’m bisexual.

So, what do you know about the gay marriage debate?

Nothing at all (laughs). Is that bad?

Really? Well, in a nutshell: the English just passed a bill legalising gay marriage, but the bill hasn’t been passed up here yet. So technically, you’re not as equal as an English bisexual.

Maybe I should just move to England! (laughs) Seriously though, I think anybody should be able to get married to anybody. It’s nobody else’s business.

Can I marry my sister then?

No, you should go to jail for that.



Anon. Refused to allow us to take a picture.

So they just passed the gay marriage bill in England, what do you think about that?

They should build an electric barbed wire fence and a shark infested moat at the border. I’m entirely against it, I think they should get back in the cupboard, end of! I don’t want it, there’s nae need for it. It’s against the bible, it’s against moral issues it’s just…. If they keep to themselves nobody will bother them.

So you think that’s a reason to vote for independence?

We should never have gave away our independence in the first place, but this guy Salmond…no. He’s not good enough, and he’s a liar. He’s too keen to sleep with everyone as well. The thing is, if we get the independence, we could get some decent politicians going into office. Know what I mean?

What should be done with Westminster?

You can’t expect to have a voice in English parliament. It’s not ours, it’s theirs. The Geordies and the Scousers feel the same way – England is two separate countries. It starts at Birmingham.

So you’d vote for independence?

I’m gonna vote for independence. People say we’ll be in a mess then – but it’ll be our mess.


Chris Pettigrew & John Sheppard

Images: Joe Peden