Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2013

Hipsters For UKIP


Coming a close second in the Eastleigh by-election is just the latest in a number of surprising election results for Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party (UKIP). The party – once the refuge of semi-racist obscure celebrities – seems to have found widespread appeal in England, prompting commentary on where these new followers have come from. After some digging, Hard Copy can reveal that this fresh brand of UKIP voters are largely from the ‘hipster’ community.


Similar to how the far-right recruited disaffected youths (or youvs) from the skinhead sub-culture of the 1970s onwards, it seems they’re now coaxing in young voters from the hipster minority, apparently spurred on by the party’s lack of ‘mainstream’ appeal and the fact that the fashion sense of Middle England’s Europe-scorning farmers largely overlaps with the average American Apparel shopper.


We caught up with first-time voter Hugh Cleft, sporting a t-shirt of two Power Rangers having anal intercourse, with the caption “childhood or whatever”, and a pair of what appeared to be bright purple leggings. When asked his reasoning behind putting his first ‘X’ at the ballot box next to UKIP in the Eastleigh by-election, he replied:


“Nobody gets it. People think that it’s racist, yeah? But actually, we all just did it as a joke? Or whatever? Tories don’t like ‘em because they think it’s copying ‘em, yeah? Which is really funny. And nobody else likes ‘em because they think it’s racist. I can already tell this is going way over your head mate.”


After being handed UKIP party literature by Mr Cleft, with phalluses drawn over most of the pages,  I began to wonder whether the hipster connection with UKIP was all just a clever joke I could never possibly understand. Luckily, I was contacted by Eastleigh local Lucy Murgatroyd, another hipster, who was more political in her support for the party:


“I used to like Lib Dem, but it got too mainstream. Forming government, yeah? Sell-outs. They used to stand-up for bisexual people being allowed to go to the swimming baths and that, but they’re the same as the others now. UKIP look out for real world problems, like stopping Romanian people from coming in (to the country). I spent a lot of money on a totally retro cardigan, only to see this immigrant girl Stefania at the bus stop wearing the same one? She was only wearing it cause she was poor, not to be ironic. It ain’t fair. That’s why I vote UKIP, yeah?”


Whether as a prank or not, UKIP are firmly cementing themselves as the choice for hipsters down south. Ask any hipster south of the border who they vote for and they’ll perform an irreverent free-style rap about the European Union being an oligarchy. What this means for us in Glasgow, remains unclear, although it is reported that Nigel Farage is starting an electro-funk night in Nice’N'Sleazys called ‘Fox Hunter’. I’ll see you there, yeah?

by Mick Clocherty