Published On: Thu, May 23rd, 2013

How the EDL capitalised on the Woolwich attack.

Immediately after the Woolwich incident, the EDL social media admins went into overdrive as they scrambled to capitalise on the discontent. Their facebook page in particular became a forum for unbridled stupidity.


Before the attack, the EDL facebook page sat at 23,570 ‘Likes’, by midnight they had 56,929. At the time of writing this sentence they had 81,243 but at the current rate of 2,000 an hour they’ll have smashed through 100,000 by tonight.  Last week the page received a total of 310 new likes.


To put this into perspective, UKIP only have 34,000 whilst Labour have 140,000.

It’s impossible to sift through all the new likes to determine origin, but a steady stream are coming from the US and Europe.

The page began farming likes by asking it’s followers to share the following content.






Vengeance will be ours








Whilst facebook likes mean very little in the grand scheme of things, it’s disturbing that so many people would happily declare to their friends and colleagues that they have an affinity with a racist organisation.