Published On: Mon, Sep 16th, 2013

Introducing Editions


By Julie Shennan


Bridging the gap between amateur and professional art is Editions; an online magazine founded by Glasgow School of Art students, who wanted a forum for new work.

Editions founder, Rachael Gallacher, said: “After leaving art school it became apparent I had not utilised the resources to the full extent I should have. Especially exhibitions.

“I was anxious about the act of putting my work out there and it cost me a full year of worry once I had left.

“Projects like Editions make the transition from art school to that unknown world of practice a little easier.”

Fellow founder, Gillian Carey, agrees.

“With Editions we want to translate exhibitions into an informal space and setup.”

The idea is that artists submit their work to the online magazine and join the shows and networking opportunities that follow.

Carey said: “We plan to put together the art shows fairly quickly and have the documentation through the website and magazine to give it a little more permanence.

“For some it could be the first exhibition out of the art school studios, for others it could just be trying out some new ideas. But the idea is to gather as many people’s work as possible and get them all talking on the nights.”

The first Digital Exhibition night will be on September 23, at The Art School (union bar that was Capitol) on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, at 8pm. 

It will showcase a variety of work that can be digitally recorded, such as photography, film, animation, sound, documentary, painting, drawing, and sculpture. 

Gallacher, said: “There is no limit to what we would like to see. The one recurring theme welcomed is the unfinished – this is the ideal opportunity for people to bounce ideas around and get a dialogue going with their peers.” 

The ‘unfinished’ inspiration came from the girls’ visit to Brooklyn, where they discovered G E L A T O, monthly art displays thrown together in impromptu locations. 

Carey said: “G E L A T O allows artists to digitally submit their work and contact details, have it shown and – if they can attend  –  go to the show and exchange ideas with like – minded folks. 

“We thought: Glasgow needed something like that.” 

Following the example of G E L A T O, Editions will show its artists’ work through Youtube, before going one step further to publish it in the online magazine. This allows artists to add literary flourishes to their pieces. 

Gallacher, said: “We are excited to see what this project can become. What can spin off the basic format of a digital exhibition. We don’t really have rules to play by, the possibilities are endless. 

“If we can keep the premise of a free platform for all a constant it’s already a success in our minds.” 

For more information visit Editions site…