Published On: Tue, Jul 30th, 2013

Is Glasgow Shit?


When you’re born and raised in a city, you can’t be anything but biased towards it. However, a friend of mine recently pulled my love affair with Glasgow into question. The friend in question (Steve) upped sticks and left, and has now settled in Oz. When I asked if he’d ever be back, he answered: “Hell no – Glasgow is SHIT!”

Rather offended, myself and another Hard-Copier assembled on Buchanan Street with a net and ambushed some foreign types. Here’s what they had to say:


 Jack, from England

Hard-Copy: So Jack, Is Glasgow Shit?

Jack: I thought it was going to be, but no, it’s actually really good.

Hard-Copy: What’s the highlight so far?

Jack: I went to SubClub on Friday, that was pretty darn good.

Hard-Copy: Any lowlights, apart from being hassled on the street by some arseholes asking stupid questions?

Jack: Yeah actually this is it, but it’s not a negative, so it’s all highlights so far.



Ronan & Eva from Paris, with important jobs

Please use a French accent and hand gestures when reading this

Ronan: eeeehhhmm, no, I had a bad opinion of it, but it’s less shitty than it sounds.

Hard-Copy:  Can you elaborate on that?

Ronan: I had a pretty bad vision of it, but it’s way more active, way more beautiful, way more eh.. cleaner than I had in mind and the people are warmer than what I had in mind.

Hard-Copy: So Eva, is Glasgow shit?

Eva: No, it’s not, not at all. I didn’t really have an opinion before, I was just curious about the city, I’ve found a nice city.

Hard-Copy: Highlights?

Eva: Just wondering about, the pubs, the necropolis and the Cathedral


Katie, Sofia and Karen all from Canada

Hard-Copy: Is Glasgow shit?

Katie: no

Sofia: no

Karen:  I don’t think so.

Katie: She’s been here for like two minutes,

Karen: I’ve only been here for 24 hours.

Hard-Copy: So 24 hours, hows that working out for you?

Karen: I love it. It’s beautiful, but that’s because I come from somewhere with no history

Hard-Copy: So, did you go out to last night?

Sofia: 212

Hard-Copy: What’s 212

Katie: The club, 212

Hard-Copy: Never heard of it, you’re cooler than me.

Katie: Well, We went for the black vibe.

Hard-Copy: You’re definitely cooler than me.

Katie: It was actually pretty amazing, we were grinding all night.

Karen: You can’t say that!

Katie: It was an amazing atmosphere,  the dancing was out of this world.

Karen: I had a blast.

Hard-Copy: So would you say that 212 is the best grinding establishment in the UK?

Karen: Probably not, I’m sure that there are much nicer places to grind .. but I had a lot of fun.


Kirsten (19) & Paul (20)

Hard-Copy: Ok guys, is Glasgow shit?

Kirsten: No it’s so good, I go to uni in Aberdeen, and that is shit. Glasgow is really good.

Hard-Copy: So it’s Aberdeen that’s shit?

Kirsten: Yup.

Paul: I go to Uni in Paisley, and that’s even shitter than Aberdeen, so you know..

Hard-Copy: So You’re saying no?

Paul: Aye.


So there you have it, Steve – the people have spoken, and they have reached a verdict of Not Shit.


Words by Chris Pettigrew

Images by Joe Peden