Published On: Fri, Mar 22nd, 2013

It pays to heckle Tony Blair – £1815.66, to be exact

Since 2010, four people have attempted citizens arrests on Tony Blair for crimes against peace. The website, Arrest Blair has given all four activists a financial reward for doing so. At present, the pot is sitting at £7,262. Successful citizens may claim a quarter of the pot as a cash prize.



Rules as detailed by the site:

The bounty (one quarter of the total pot at the time of application) can be claimed by anyone who meets the following conditions:

1. He or she attempts a citizen’s arrest of the former British prime minister, Tony Blair, for crimes against peace.

2. The attempt is non-violent and causes no injury to Mr Blair or those around him.

3. The attempt is reported in at least one mainstream media outlet in a bulletin, programme or article (ie not just a comment thread). The judgement of what is mainstream is at the discretion of those running this site. The purpose of this condition is to ensure that the attempted arrest has political consequences. Links to the report(s) must be sent with the application for the award.

4. The claimant provides proof that he or she is the person mentioned in the report(s).

5. The claimant applies for the award within 28 days of the attempt.

6. If several people are involved in a single arrest attempt, or if more than one person makes an attempt at the same event, one quarter of the total pot will be shared between them.

7. The bounty is not payable to friends, family or colleagues of the founder of this site.

The decision of those running this site is final.

Though this is not a condition, anyone attempting an arrest of Tony Blair is encouraged to work with existing campaigns for international justice (you will soon find some on the links page) to help the public understanding of why this course of action is necessary. If the government of your country has not incorporated the crime against peace (or crime of aggression) into domestic law, you are also encouraged to campaign for it to do so.

If you make an attempt to arrest Mr Blair then you do so at your own risk.  If you are going to do so, then please follow the guidelines on this site to minimise the danger to yourself or anyone else.


By Chris Pettigrew