Published On: Tue, Apr 23rd, 2013

Love Is All You Need



By Connor Macgregor

Susanne Bier’s latest flick, Love Is All You Need, sees Pierce Brosnan return to our screens with Trine Dyrholm.

Don’t recognise the latter name, that’s because she’s a Danish actress largely unknown in Britain.

The film is its mixture of English, Danish and Italian, but is well written, so allows access for multiple audiences contemplating their first foreign film.

The plot centres on former cancer patient, Ida (Dyrholm) who discovers her husband’s infidelity with a young co-worker.

Their marriage crumbles, and Ida travels to her daughter’s wedding in Italy.

Ida then meets Phillip (Brosnan) the unsociable father of the groom. As the film goes on they begin a unique relationship.

A ‘sparkling, sun-kissed charmer’ is what ensues.

Glasgow Film Theatre adds: “It will prove irresistible to anyone who believes that love can conquer all.”

Perhaps most irresistible is the film’s luxurious shots of Italian countryside.

But despite the holiday setting, audience member, Yi-Fan Toni Wang, insists it is not clichéd.

“It is a wonderful film, with an unexpected plot which gives rom-com a fresh twist.”

The twist comes from anger: Phillip is angry with the sins of his past, Ida with cancer and her ex-husband.

Dyrholm portrays this rage convincingly, not too downtrodden, nor too gushy.

She then finds chemistry with Brosnan that is strong enough to lead the romance, while complimenting the subplots.

Movie buff, Rachel Barrett, said: “It is a beautiful story and fantastic film.”