Published On: Sat, Mar 9th, 2013

March Madness II: Jelson Homes DMU Leicester Riders v One Health Sharks Sheffield

Morning ladies and gents, from the Emirates Arena next to Parkhead (the new Commonwealth Arena) where it’s BBL Trophy Final day.  We’ve just had “The Final Countdown” over the public address system (it might be a Tannoy but remember, that’s a brand name only) as the two teams contesting the “undercard”BBL_Trophy BBL Challenge Shield get warmed up.  The City of Edinburgh Kings and the Falkirk Fury (sounds more like a boxer’s nickname) are about to get started and in are in their final warm up stage now.  Later on, (3pm tip off) we’ll see the BBL Trophy Final between Leicester Riders and Sheffield Sharks.  To keep up to the date with the latest action, stay tuned to Hard-Copy’s live updates from the Emirates Arena in Glasgow.  Just refresh the page periodically for the very latest.

17:25 – The Sharks are presented with the BBL Trophy – and BJ Holmes is presented with the MVP award, no surprises there, he was outstanding.

17:20 – The presentations are about to take place courtside.   What a game though!

17:16 – Helluva ball game here.  The Sharks turn it over with 3 seconds to go.  The Riders get a turnover, but can’t turn it into points.   Sharks have won it here 71-69 at the final buzzer.  Incredible stuff.  The Riders will be gutted they weren’t able to complete a memorable comeback, whilst the Sharks will be mightily relieved they didn’t throw away that lead.

17:14 – The Rockettes are out for one last time before the final push.  8 seconds, Riders down by two, but on offence in the advanced position.

17:12 – BJ Holmes goes to the line, with 8 seconds left, to put the Sharks up by two.  Sharks 70-68 and a timeout called by the Riders.

17:10 – “An awesome game, British Basketball and no mistake.” Couldn’t have put it better myself

17:09 – The new commentator’s getting a bit annoyed that there’s not enough noise.  That’s soon remedied by a massive three from Calvo.  One minute left.  Superb game.

17:08 – The riders call for time with less than two to go in this one after an incredible block from big Demetrius.

17:05 – Zaire Taylor drains a huge three to bring it back to one.   The Sharks need their BJ to step up and play.   He obliges with two free throws to make it a three point game.   Squeaky bum time for the Sharks thought with 2:30 to play.

17:02 – 23 points from Jay Cousinard is a personal high, but it’s not quite enough to get his team out of their current funk.  They’re on the way back though.  67-63 Sharks.

17:00 – The Riders pull it back to 7 but Demetrius puts home a big jam after missing two free throws.  Zaire Taylor puts up a two to again pull it back.   4:35 left in the game.  Sharks 67-60 Riders.

16:53 – BJ Holmes is looking like a serious candidate for MVP with his virtuoso display today as the Miami Vice theme hits the Emirates.   Babalola muscles his way to the bucket for two and a long two is drained to put the Sharks up by 12 in the fourth quarter as the Riders call for time. Just over 7 minutes remaining in the game.  Sharks 65-53.

16:50 – Again with the Simply the Best getting played, it’s like they’ve got a death wish or something.

16:47 – Calvo’s three attempt is in an out as the Riders try and force their way back into it, but that man BJ sinks another audacious three to increase the lead to 8.  Cousinard for threeee…no good.   Sharks 61-53 to the good as the third quarter enters the books.   This has got to be one of the biggest Gangnam Styles I have ever seen.   There’s about 150 kids and the Rockettes on the court Gangnamming the crap out of the place.

16:43 – The Riders Anthony Rowe gets in for 2, but they need a bit more as the reveilles start to ring around the Emirates.   Jay Cousinard sinks another three and Rowe gets another two to briefly tie the game.   However, an excellent fadeaway three from Holmes and a huge jam from Babalola restore the lead.   56-53 Sharks.

16:37 – Riders are again chipping away at the lead, but Nick Lewis drains a long three to keep the lead healthy.  Another timeout brings out the Rockettes again.   51-44 Sharks.

16:33 – The Riders have come out strong in the second half, but the Sharks have more teeth to their offence (not the best pun, but not bad).  46-38 Sharks.

16:31 – Jay Cousinard and Zaire Taylor top scored for the Riders in the first half with 11 points each.   The standout player for the Sharks was BJ Taylor with 15 points and 4 rebounds.

16:25 – They just did the BBL Harlem Shake – expect some grainy footage on Youtube soon enough.

16:15 – Half-time in the BBL Trophy Final and the Riders have stripped the lead right back to just three points, after a brilliant three from Cousinard gives them big hope for the second half, as it was threatening to get away from them there.   The All-Star Dairylea Dunkers are back, nothing cheesy about this.   The guy just went upside down hanging above the basket, whilst holding on to the rim.  Incredible.  And with a soundtrack from Duck Sauce’s “Barbara Streisand” to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” it’s quite the show.   Get them Youtube’d – something like this.

16:10 – Excellent fade away jumper from Holmes increases the Sharks lead.   Cousinard for 3…no good.   Demetrius off the glass to make it a 10 point lead momentarily.  Big jams from Cousinard and Zaire Taylor (again, cracking name) bring it 39-33 Sharks.

16:00 – An excellent pair of layups from BJ Holmes force a Riders timeout, with the score 33-26 to the Sharks.  Holmes for the Sharks and Cousinard for the Riders have been the standouts so far.

15:55 – Great move by Yorick Williams to play in Andrew Sullivan to briefly tie the game, but Demetrius Jamieson (what a name) soon drains a couple of free throws and a layup to re-establish a 4 point lead.

15:50 – B.J Holmes with another 3 as he moves into double figures.   Great move to get Tuck in for 2.   Andrew Bridge drains a long 3 to move the Sharks 4 clear.  21-17 Sharks.   First real semblance of a lead here, but they’re getting pegged back every time.  Pavel Losonsky hits a couple of free throws to bring it back to two as the first quarter winds down.  End of the 1st Quarter and the Sharks are up by 2 – 23-21.

15:45 – Jamell Anderson 2 from 2 from the foul line.  13-13, or we are tied at 13, if you speak American.

15:42 – Big 3 from B.J Holmes puts the Sharks back ahead.

15:39 – The first 3 pointer of the match as the Riders’ Cousinard throws it up.  10-9 Sharks.

15:30 – We’re underway here in the BBL Final, having been treated to the archetypal American sports track, “We Will Rock You” by Queen.  Some good scoring on display here as the Sharks take a 7-4 lead early.  Now we’ve got “Jump” by Van Halen to get the crowd going

15:22 – The official player introductions are here, it’s nearly game time ballers.

15:15 – The Sky Sports coverage begins with some serious noise inside the Arena as the players practice their showboating shots and alley-oops.

14:58 – The teams are warming up right now, I’m betting they won’t be ready for 3pm.

14:53 – In two thirds of these finals, the winning margin has been less than 10 points, so we expect it to be close one.  The teams are waiting to come out on court and the atmosphere’s building, with the Final Countdown getting another airing.

14:47 – Those of you who caught the live updates from the Rocks – Wildcats game will be pleased to hear that the Angry Yorkshireman – Durham Wildcats coach Dave Elderkin – is one of the Sky Sports pundits for today’s game.   Expect some tirades and a half if there’re any mistakes.

14:43 – Straight balla dawg, straight balla – he’s just jumped on top of the bloody basket, crazy stuff, now they’ve just vaulted over some Rockettes cheerleaders.  Simply the Best has come on again.  They’re playing with fire doing that again in this neck of the woods.

14:40 – The All-Star Dunkers (not sponsered by Dairylea it turns out, they’ve missed a trick there) have taken to the court with some high-flying, crazy slam dunks, with the aid of some well-placed trampolines.  Think of them as the Basketball Red Arrows.

14:36 – This final has got a lot to do to live up to the 2010 final, where the Newcastle Eagles triumphed in an epic clash against the Cheshire Jets 111-95.  That remains the most points scored by a winning team and a losing team in a final of this competition.

14:28 – The commentator just greeted a Dundee dance-off contestant with ”Let’s see how Dundee gets down”…Nobody wants to see that mate, nobody.

14:25 – The 26th BBL Trophy Final is just over half an hour away and a Northern club have won the trophy 11 out of the last 13 times.  We’re also in the middle of a mad dance-off on the court as the build-up continues apace.

14:20 – The Under 20′s boys winners were the Leicester Riders’ B, edging out their own club’s A team in the final.  Methinks the coach may have something to say about that.

14:17 – The Under-20 girls winners are the Leicester Riders, who defeated the Worcester Wolves.


14:15 – The Proj3kt 3-on-3 presentations are taking place to the strain of some inspirational music.  Newcastle’s Under-18′s boys have taken their age bracket’s top prize edging out the Leicester Riders Under 18′s…why aye man.


13:58 – The under 20′s are just getting underway in this 3-on-3-with-the-half-court match and there’s already been some great plays made.


13:45- Stay with us here on Hard-Copy where we’ll be counting down to the main event, the BBL Trophy Final – tip off at 3pm.  We’re currently witnessing the Proj3kt 3-on-3 Youth Finals for the Laddies and Lassies.   A really high standard of play on show here, with some excellent long range shooting on display.   The under 20′s Men’s Final is being contested between the Leicester Riders A and B teams.  Must be a pretty strong squad they’ve got then.

13:32 – And that’s it.  The Falkirk Fury complete a dominant victory over the City of Edinburgh Kings, 77-53, to claim the Always Balling BBL Challenge Shield.  It’s been pretty one-sided from the start, but the Kings were missing their top two players, which would explain their below-par display.  The presentation’s been made in the centre of the court.  A handily procured list of stats shows us that Scott Russell of the Fury had a stellar game with 17 points and 9 rebounds.

13:30 – 1 minute left here and a nice breakaway by the Kings reduces arrears somewhat 76-53.

13:25 – Nice bit of symmetry to the scoreline 74-47 Fury – The game’s gone a wee bit flat as we wind down to the end.

13:17 – Three point attempt is no good seems to be the phrase of the game here as another one bites the dust, but the Kings show they’re still fighting as they execute a great fast break.   Jonny Bunyan hits a long three from downtown and the lead is now 24.   The commentator is now pretty desperately trying to generate some interest by attempting to coerce some officials courtside to dance to “Saturday Night” by Whigfield.  He then enthusiastically declares that we’ll get the Harlem Shake on the go later on.

13:13 – The 3rd quarter gets underway and the Fury are now getting their showboating boots on, a behind-the-back manoeuvre fails to come off though.   59-40 Fury.


13:11 – The Rockettes cheerleaders have recruited a bunch of youngsters from the audience for a mass Gangnam Style on court, then Simply the Best by Tina Turner comes on the PA System… I thought that was illegal this close to Celtic Park.

13:09 – Just had a shout out for a guy that fell down the stairs and dropped his hot dog…reckon they’ve run out of things to talk about? 59-38 Fury.  Bit of a war of attrition going on here.

13:05 – A gutsy match is probably the best way to describe this, scrappy.   There’s not been too much happening to be honest, 56-36 Fury.

12:55 – 48-33 – Long extension on the arm by Garreth Lodge as the Kings fight back, but the Fury hit back again to lead 52-33 with 5:30 left in the third quarter.

12:51 – I’ve that Strokes song stuck in my head as 12:51 is the time the Fury continue their merciless Central Belting of the Kings, who are acting more like Marchionesses right now.  44-26 Fury, they’re getting battered out there.

12:43 – The giant “youngster” has been snatching rebounds like Charles Barkley, partly because he’s twice the height of everyone else.  The commentator’s on the court, he think’s it’s all over…it is now! (Always wanted to say that) The White team of youngsters have smashed the Blue team by about 12-2.

12:39 – Also, Always Ballin is a clothing brand, apparently.   Who knew, I thought it was a lifestyle choice myself.

12:37 – The first half of the – to give it its full name – Always Ballin BBL Challenge Shield Final comes to an end.   The half-time show sees us being treated to the Shell Twilight 3-on-3 challenge involving 6 youngsters, one of whom is literally about 18 feet tall.

12:33 – A measured three comes up well short, allowing the in game commentator to, almost sarcastically, say “nice pass” as it was mopped up for a basket.  Fury keeping a steady 10 point lead here as we enter the final stages of the half – 34-24.

12:29 – The Fury are running away with this just now 30-20.  The Kings are even managing to trip their own men up, not a good day so far for the Capital side.

12:23 – If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands just came on the organ music.  Interesting choice.  The Fury’s Johnny Bunyan with another couple of great shots, some might say it was an amazing feet to score from there.  Edinburgh bounce back though with a basket of their own.  25-17 Fury.

12:21 – The second quarter begins with a crazy three from the Fury to go up 19-15, who are really starting to motor now with a nice lay up to increase the lead to 21-15.

12:18 – The first quarter ends 16-15 to Fury.

12:14 – The Fury miss a 3-on-1 breakaway chance to extend their lead, poor execution there.  14-13 Fury – 1:33 left in the quarter.

12:11: Brian Corden of the Fury absolutely smashes the ball away from the jumping Kings man.  He yells “have some of that ya mangy polecat” as he does it…at least that’s what I think he said.

12:07: Decent standard of play so far, but a few sloppy long-range attempts mean it’s fairly low scoring so far.

12:04: Two free throws to get the action started, Kings 1 from 2 on that play.  The American organ music is playing and the threes are raining down here.     6 minutes left in the first quarter 10-10.