Published On: Fri, Oct 4th, 2013

Où est mon Cœur? – Kady Reilly

Ou est mon Coeur - Kady Reilly

Slip on your battered old shoes to dance away this pain.
Feel the air around you as you glide across the floor.
The music tells a story, a hopeful story of joy and romance.
So different from the story in your heart -
Your broken heart that is crushing in your chest.

Let it all go, let it all go.
Let the motions free you, let the movements move you.
Close your eyes and let yourself break through.
Chainé until you feel you’re standing still.
Eyes fixed on the wall, let your mind go blank.
Think of nothing but that destination.
Let your body take you where you need to go.

Fluid motions, hands like nodding flowers.
Hips square, back straight, ribs lifted, shoulders down, head up, arms rounded, toes pointed, mouth smiling, heart breaking.
Heart ice-cold, frozen, stiff.

Shake it off. Shake it off.
Break out of this glass box and throw your body into the force of the wind.
Let if fly like a paper bag in a tornado of rushing, breathing rhythm.
You cannot feel, you can only dance.
You are swept away by a current too strong to withstand.

And you jump and you jump and you leap and you turn and you spin.
Faster and faster and faster and faster.
You are spinning out of control. You are burning.
your body is crying out for release.
You realise you’re no longer breathing and still you dance on, controlled by the rhythm.
A marionette held by the piano strings, an invisible hand working the puppet show.

Suddenly, the cords are cut. The CD skips.
Your tired body crumples to the floor in one ripple of exhaustion.
You are broken, you are broken.
You are numb.

But then you feel thudding, thudding, thudding.
Softly and then louder, stronger.
Thudding, thudding, the thudding of your heart in your chest.
That music will play again and you will dance once more.
Your heart is still beating.