Published On: Thu, Mar 22nd, 2012

Swill Bucket : Santander 123

Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket – That Orwell Guy 

I grew up without a tv in my house, so whenever I see one I become mesmerised, like a fly to a blue electrode, I know it’s trying to kill me, but I can’t help be sucked into it’s beautiful escapism.

Whilst television can be used as a force for good, for the most part it is a highly effective platform for shit shovelling, whether that be Simon Cowell forcing untalent into your brain or politicians hijacking airtime with pseudo news or ad’s sucking up the worlds creative talent to shit all over your apparent intelligence.

Since Charlie Brooker isn’t funny any more, we’ve decided to run our own version of shitverts, but in a moment of creative nous we’re calling it swill bucket.

This week


Santander 123.



It probably took 5 minutes to agree on this concept, it probably happened in an elevator at Santander HQ, somewhere between a siesta and a handjob.

Marketing intern : So I was thinking we highlight some of the great Santander deals using some sexy graphics.

Boss Man : Fuck that, let’s find some really expensive athletes to distract potential customers whilst we pedal a questionable deal at them.


The premise of this ad:

Famous athlete is shat into a potential customers house for no reason,tells the customer about the deal, customers looks a bit unsettled to find an athlete in their personal space and ignores it.


The reaction of the ‘potential customers’ in this sketch is understandable, I’m no scientist, but I was under the impression that current accounts were free, why does santander want you to pay for one, maybe it’s because they’ve spent all your money hiring some expensive athletes. Last time I checked Ennis, Button and Rory were three of the highest paid athletes in the UK.