Published On: Tue, Apr 16th, 2013

The Eyes and Ears of Van Gogh

 van gogh actor


By Julie Shennan

Did he or did he not cut off his own ear? That’s the question that usually arises with the name Van Gogh.

Determined to look past this question, Erica Von Stein is teaming up with a cast of actors, to imagine what life might have been like for the artist.

Instead of ear-chopping, the film depicts a fictional conversation between Van Gogh and his fiancé’s ghost. Having lost her to a tragic accident, the artist is considering following her to the grave.

Despite the fantastical plot, Von Stein explains the film has a serious message.

“The film looks at depression, grief, loss, suicide, bi-polar and so much more.

“Van Gogh’s last words were ‘the sadness will never end’; we want to prove that the sadness will end and show people there are always silver linings.”

This is no mean feat for an amateur film maker, yet Von Stein seems equipped to pull it off.

Her last film, Resurrectio, screened at the Berwick film festival and her viral, Dysfunctional Family, received over 70,000 youtube hits in its first week.

Having graduated in filmmaking from University of West Scotland, Von Stein became an award winning scribe and the host of creative writing workshops.

With experience like that, Eyes and Ears is bound to be a hit.

But there’s a catch, having invested her time and money on the project, the funding has fallen short.

So Von Stein is turning to crowd funding.

“This is where I ask for the help of the public.

 “To anyone who has suffered mental illness or knows someone who has: help us by donating as little as £10 to the cause.”

 In exchange for the donation benefactors will get their names in the film’s credits,  signed souvenirs, and invites to both the screening and the wrap party.

 For more information or to contribute, see the Eyes and Ears Bloom page.