Published On: Fri, Sep 27th, 2013

The Human Contradiction – Darren Carrigan

The Human Contradiction - Darren Carrigan

He is a man I know. A man I have always known, who
epitomises everything I am not. He is a man that we all
know. His life has gone off track and he has made no attempts
to fix it. A man who has had chances to better himself, to
become a better man, yet, rejects it and takes no help. A
man who has caused me great pain, yet, has helped me
like no other. A man who has made me more angery than
I can believe, yet he is the man who made me what I am.

A man who spurned his gifts, his intelligence wasted.
A man who wastes his life on drugs and alcohol.
A man who treats women disgracefully
A man who lives in violence,
A man with no tolerance,
A man who made me what I am.

Without him leaving school, I might have left to no
Without seeing alcohol ruin his life, I might have become
an alcoholic.
Without seeing drugs cause him agony, I might have
suffered addiction myself.
Without him being so cold to women, I might not have my
respect for them.
Without his anger, I might not be strong enough.
Without his sectarianism and racism, I might not have
grown up with an open mind.

Through all his faults, by him being such a dick, he has helped
me more than any other. The way he thinks he helped
me, was by having a reputation. This man doesn’t see,
however, that it’s his faults that have helped me. He may have these faults but he is always loyal. He is a man who would bleed and die for his family; a man who will fight for his friends.

A stubborn man, who will speak his mind.
A determined man who will get what he wants.
A persuasive man who will convince.
An independent man, whose problems are his own.
These are the things that this man has that earn my
The qualities that he uses, not the chances he has
The determination, not the temper.
The man I respect, not the one I hate.
The man who is always there,
The man who made me what I am.