Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2013

The Place Beyond the Pines

Ryan Gosling stars as stuntman turned bank robber Luke Glanton

Ryan Gosling stars as stuntman turned bank robber Luke Glanton


This Friday sees the highly anticipated release of Derek Cianfrance’s reunion with Ryan Gosling in his new crime epic The Place Beyond the Pines. Cianfrance and Baby Goose (as he is known by some) last collaborated back in 2010 in Blue Valentine where they proved that they make a pretty good team. The Pines premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to critical acclaim and also made an appearance at this years Glasgow Film Festival.


Gosling plays Luke, a tattooed, bleach blonde motorbike stuntman who rides the Cage of Death at a travelling circus. He then turns to robbing banks in order to provide for his son by his ex, Romina, played by Eva Mendes. Romina wants nothing to do with Luke (if only life imitated art) but Luke decides that he wants to do right by his son and not disappear. Bank robbing, of course, is a slippery slope and can only lead to trouble. Cue Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper). Cooper plays a young cop struggling with the corruption he faces on a day to day basis through his work, on his journey to launching a political career. He also wants to do right by his newborn son and so this launches a storyline spanning 15 years. The consequences of both Luke and Avery’s actions affecting the interactions between the next generation and leading to a fairly obvious ending.


The Pines is ambitious in what it wants to achieve, the storyline shifts from crime drama with riveting chase scenes, to relationship drama with sizzling chemistry between Gosling and Mendes to a film about the relationships between fathers and sons. It manages to pull all three off to a compelling effect and also provides some wonderful performances from Cooper and Gosling. Referring to his partner in crime, Robin, played by Ben Mendelsohn, Luke claims “Not since Hall and Oates has there been such a team.” Maybe the same can be said for Gosling and Cianfrance.



The Place Beyond The Pines is released on Friday the 12th of April



Image by Andy Rogerson