Published On: Fri, Aug 30th, 2013

The Wasting Sickness – Victoria Hamilton

The Wasting Sickness - Victoria Hamilton
You thread and dust
My neglected guitar,
Slow and gentle.
As sunlight floods the room,
Firing up eyes
And lighting laughter lines,
I see bare skin.
We lie chests pressed,
Your fingers brush my cheek.
Your soldier’s back,
Relaxed at ease.
Closed eyed we sigh through
Blood and pulses,
In our safe silent hum
You lie balled
Like a body buried.
Your lungs heaving,
Haemorrhaging a sad
Oozing oil slick
That destroys all beauty.
Grey blue eyes
Wet with
Wasting Sickness.
When you took half my heart,
Pulled it close,
A life raft in the tide,
I noticed that
It drowned as I held you.
Drenched in your wave.