Published On: Wed, Apr 11th, 2012




We’ve created a base format and questions for the show.

We expect to film for over an hour for 15 mins worth of footage.


We’d like it if you could come up with answers for the questions but you don’t have to have an answer for everything. During filming everyone on the panel can give at least one response, if you don’t pull it off as well as you wanted we will do a retake. The best answers will make it into the final cut.


Whilst experience has shown us it’s a necessity to script the show, we want to encourage an aspect of improvisation, we want you to respond to what your fellow panellists are saying before we move on.

If you have an idea for a question you think we should have, then please mention it before we begin filming

The plan is to meet up at 6:00 at the Halt to do a bit of rehearsing.







News round


Edinburgh City Council have announced plans to re-develop the entirety of princes street, thoughts on this?



Glasgow was revealed as the city most addicted to what this week?




In an interview with RT, Frankie Boyle has slammed the lack of politically questioning comedians on UK tv, anyone got anything political they want to get off their chest.



Recession is a good time to exploit ‘what’, says Cameron aide

A good time to exploit cheap labour



The Royal Navy’s new air craft carrier’s hull is complete, how many men can fit inside Queen Elizabeth?


The carrier can house 40 jets, how many can we afford?


A second carrier will be built, we can’t afford any jets for it, can anyone propose a new use?



Gordon Brown is Launching Labours campaign to keep to Scotland in the union tomorrow, will he do more harm than good?



The Guardian reports that Benefit claimants are now seen as what?

less than fully human



The Sun has reported that Scotland could legally walk away from the UK’s debt if it became independent, should we do it?



Donald Trump called Alex Salmond what this week after the first minister apparently ruined his new golf course?



Alec Ferguson has retired as manager of Man United and is being replaced by a fellow Glaswegian, what makes Glaswegians such good managers?


A former barrister has advised that the age of consent should be lowered to what age and for what reason?

13, because it’ll save us from the hassle of arresting all our grand fathers



A group of American women held captive for over 10 years were free’d this week, anyone know how many people are estimated to held as slaves around the world?

A:27 million



the daily mail printed a very dangerous article this week, what was it?

A: A 3d printed gun

Q:What did they do with it?

A:took in on the eurostar to paris without being stopped

Q:what are they planning on printing next?