What is Hard-Copy?

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The Short answer

Hard-Copy is Glasgow’s voice, it’s content created for Glaswegians by Glaswegians.


The Long answer

How it is.

The current media is a collection of legacy brands, owned by a small number of people.

When you read a news story in Glasgow there’s very little chance it was written here, instead it was churned out to fill the pages in a print or digital publication based in London. The Editor will have an affiliated bias he has to stick with otherwise he/she can say goodbye to ad revenue, oh and they must toe their political parties line, if they don’t, they get shut out and lose all hope of future interviews/stories.

This churning means they constantly need to produce copy which results in the general doom and gloom that fills the pages as they desperately try to sniff out something to talk about. Glasgow, for instance is famous throughout the UK for it’s knife culture.  The gargantuan creative talent that Glasgow produces rarely gets a look in.  Ever heard the term ‘the Glasgow miracle’? It’s how Europe’s artistic community describe Glasgow’s ability to create world class talent.

If a Glaswegian creative wants to be taken seriously they have to seriously consider a move out of the city.

The advent of social media means that everybody now has the ability to act as a journalist, whether it’s posting breaking local news on twitter or uploading local photography or recommending a business/event on facebook. Importantly, social media and the internet on a whole have severely under-mined the rates that media firms can charge for ad’s, as a result, local papers and their voices are being wiped out. The future will then see a further centralisation of the news, which is frankly dangerous as it is the local papers who have the ability to hold local politicians/businesses to account. If a city loses it’s local media, it’s creative industry and local businesses lose a valuable platform from which to showcase their talents.

How it should be.

Blogs and news portals have begun to sprout up in order to plug the gap and provide geographically relevant content.

Hard-Copy is a site that allows aspiring journalists, photographers, film-makers, artists and creative’s a platform from which to showcase their abilities whilst providing a public service.

Articles that are uploaded onto the site are free from editorial bias or political agenda. Our ad revenue is specifically designed to not interfere with content sourcing.

Articles that are good enough are also published in ‘The HardCopy’ our print magazine. ‘The HardCopy’ is a monthly print magazine that is distributed for free throughout Glasgow.

HardCopyMedia has been completely funded by the the Prince’s Trust. As a consequence all our staff are now raging monarchists.

Long Live HardCopy.


Our mission statement

To get Glaswegians talking about what matters to them, whilst showcasing the vast array of Glaswegian talent.










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